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The Little Survey That Could
February 03, 2006
Trevor Butterworth
Sapphic teen trend excites New York magazine

As STATS' Maia Szalavitz points out over at the Huffington Post, New York magazine gets very excited over the idea that teens at Stuyvesant High School are embracing polymorphous perversity, and that one subset of this, lesbianism, is a new teen trend. But the article didn't, however, provide any data suggesting that there *was* an actual increase: it only noted that the first-ever national survey found that the same proportion of teen girls report same sex experimentation as adult women, and claimed that it "doesn't take a Stuyvesant education" to see that this means more girls are at it.

Perhaps it takes one to recognize that no such assumption can be made: maybe, for one, it means today's girls are more likely to admit it. Or maybe, people simply experiment more when they are young.

One survey does not equal a trend - but we're willing to bet that New York mag's piece will trigger numerous similar "girls going wild (with each other)" stories.

To read the rest of Szalavitz's piece, click here.