“I live in fear of being taken in by poor-quality research, and STATS is invaluable to me”
—Tamar Haspel, Washington Post columnist/contributor National Geographic

STATS.org has long provided free advice for journalists on mathematical and statistical issues, whether it involves looking at the statistical data in a new study or just talking about how a topic might be analyzed by thinking through the numbers. We have helped journalists from the Associated Press and ABC News to the New York Times, the Economist and Vox. Simply drop us a line below, give us a reasonable deadline, and we’ll do our best!

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Our advisory board is directed by Rebecca Goldin, Professor of Mathematics, George Mason University.

Current members are:

Karla Ballman, Division Chief, Weill Cornell Medicine
Andrew Bray, Assistant Professor, Reed College
Andrea Foulkes, Professor, Mount Holyoke College
Giles Hooker, Associate Professor, Cornell University
Peter Imrey, Professor, Cleveland Clinic
Jenna Krall, Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Michael Lavine, Professor, UMass Amherst
Patrick McKnight, Associate Professor, George Mason University
Regina Nuzzo, Associate Professor, Gallaudet University
Kristin Sainani, Associate Professor, Stanford University
Tian Zheng, Associate Professor, Columbia University

Please note that we take the issue of conflicts of interest very seriously, that is why each member of the STATS advisory committee has signed a conflict of interest clause.


A note on our policy regarding requests: As a public service, we receive many requests and sometimes they pertain to the same data set, recent study, or similar. Be certain that we will respond promptly to each and every request that comes in, regardless of whether another journalist has made the same, or similar request. Communications between the requester and advisory board member(s) will not be shared in any public or private form, unless permission from the person who has made the request has been given. Do note, however, that the advisory board may share work product (study/report analysis/other) with more than one requester; advisory board members are also available to serve as expert sources for media interviews. And know that long-term project requests may not be feasible given our limited number of resources.

**When citing our resource, please refer to it as STATS.org, and if you can make it a live link so that others can use our service, that would be even better.**

You can find us on Twitter and Facebook, where we often post about #reportingstatistics. And, information on our Statistics Workshops for Journalists can be found here.

STATS.org is a statistical literacy project run by Sense About Science USA in collaboration with the American Statistical Association. Sense About Science USA is a nonprofit (501c3) based in Brooklyn, New York. We work from the back of a bakery and cafe. We don’t have fancy offices; we put our money into doing; every little bit helps. Donate here.

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