Spinning Heads and Spinning News: Statistics in the Media.

Watch STATS Director of Research, Rebecca Goldin Ph.D's lecture on how the media miss the mark in the use and presentation of statistics in stories about the economy, health, science, and education. The talk was given as part of the Mathematical Association of America's Distinguished Lecture Series in Washington DC on October 28. (Nov 6)

Seven Rules for Reporting Polls and Research Results
Award-winning journalist, technology writer, and journalism educator Steve Ross boils down the essential principles journalists should follow when reporting on science, polling and statistics.

How to Evaluate Health Risks
Every day, it seems there's a new study in the media telling you what to be afraid of. Don't panic! Read our guide before you rush to change your life.

Ten Ways We Get the Odds Wrong
"Our brains are terrible at assessing modern risks," says STATS' Maia Szalavitz in Psychology Today. "Here's how to think straight about dangers in your midst.

What's Your Risk For...
And just what are your odds of getting injured or dying from everyday activities such as grilling, lawn mowing, and watching TV? Can Pyrex dishes spontaneously explode? We analyze the statistics and the science.

We also examine the latest health scares on mattresses, the iPhone, Avandia, Teflon, new car smell, nail polish, saran wrap, and phthalates.

What Does Science Really Tell Us About the Benefits of Breast Feeding

When a newspaper compared cigarette smoking to using infant formula,we suspected that there's got to be something screwy with the science, which is, in fact, the case.

We also look at the connection between diabetes and nursing, and whether using formula increases an infant's risk of developing leukemia.Will an epidural make breast feeding more difficult? Is it better for HIV mothers to breastfeed or not breastfeed and does it depend on where they live?

What are the risks of light to moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy - what does the reasearch really say? And just how much coffee can you drink when you are pregnant? And is there a link between coffee and miscarriage?