American Mathematical Society
STATS Rebecca Goldin has been elected to the Council of the American Mathematical Society.

STATS Rebecca Goldin receives Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize
STATS Research Director Rebecca Goldin is the first ever recipient of the annual Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize from the Association of Women in Mathematics and Cornell University, which grants a mid-career
woman in academe a residential fellowship in the Cornell University mathematics department without
teaching obligations.

"Goldin’s research investigates sympletic geometry—a field that arose from the study of geometric structures underlying classical and quantum physics, but has become of great importance in modern differential geometry. She is a leader in work centered on Hamiltonian group actions and the study of topology and geometry of symplectic quotients. Her work has been called “influential,” “elegant,” “precise,” and has been funded by two separate NSF [National Science Foundation]research grants."

STATS Maia Szalavitz places second in LA Press Club's Journalism Awards
In the 2006 magazine feature/commentary category for her Reason magazine piece "In Defence of Happy Pills."

STATS Maia Szalavitz receives Edward M. Brecher Award for Achievement
STATS Senior Fellow Maia Szalavitz, received the 2005 Edward M. Brecher Award for Achievement in the Field of Journalism from Drug Policy Alliance This award honors those in the media who question official drug war propaganda. Szalavitz shares the award with Jacob Sullum of Reason magazine. As the Drug Policy Alliance note:

"Jacob Sullum and Maia Szalavitz have, over the past fifteen years, distinguished themselves as two of America’s premier journalists addressing both drug use and drug policy. Between the two of them, Mr. Sullum and Ms. Szalavitz have produced some of the best writing covering almost every aspect of drugs and drug policy."

STATS S. Robert Lichter received Harvard's Goldsmith Award for Research Excellence and the Solimene Award for Excellence from the New England Medical Writers' Association.