Why We Need a Statistical Revolution

Scientists need statisticians; statisticians need scientists; both need big data

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Are You a Journalist?


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STATS.org has long provided free advice for journalists on mathematical and statistical issues, whether it involves looking at the statistical data in a new study or just talking about how a topic might be analyzed by thinking through the numbers.

We have helped journalists from the Associated Press and ABC News to the New York Times, the Economist and Wired. Now, we are able to expand this service with our new advisory board.

Just drop us a line here, give us a reasonable deadline, and we’ll do our best to help!

Statistically Significant: Key Concepts for Reading—and Writing—about Statistics

Rebecca Goldin talking to reporters at NPF Seminar on Cancer Reporting

How to Cover Journal Articles

In December 2014, STATS’ Director Rebecca Goldin talked to journalists about how to cover scientific data during the National Press Foundation’s program on reporting cancer research. To listen to an audio recording (80 minutes), click here.

Odds or Probability?

What are the odds you know the difference between odds and probability? While not the same, the two words often are conflated in lay discussions and, perhaps, most ironically, in a recent New York Times article, How Not to Be Fooled by Odds. Numerous times, the... read more

Calling Out Coffee Mania: A Reporter Looks at the Statistics

All the latest analysis of stats in the news on our blog

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Why C3PO Was Wrong

From Significance, the journal of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association

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Math, the Field We Love to Hate

From Chance, an interview with the founder of the Museum of Mathematics
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